Director, filmmaker and screenwriter Deepa Mehta joined Sambhali Trust in 2017 as an International Patron on honour of the grassroots NGO's decade of service. Deepa is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker (Water) based in Canada. Deepa's work is celebrated worldwide. Her award-winning films have screened at every major film festival, and many remain audience favourites. Best known for her Elemental Trilogy: Earth, Fire, Water, Deepa recently released Anatomy of Violence, a film that explores the life events that led six men to gang rape and murder a woman in New Delhi, India is 2012. Other films include Bollywood/Hollywood, Heaven of Eartn, Beeba Boys, and an adaptation of Midnight's Children. Deepa is both a rebel and a humanist, and in that spirit her work challenges traditions, stereotypes and gender roles.

Deepa's work features ordinary people who have suffered from injustice and shows the women and children served by Sambhali Trust that their voices and stories matter. Her success also proves to them that Indian women can thrive outside traditional career paths. Deepa's partnership with Sambhali Trust is a natural continuation of her lifelong commitment to advancing global gender equality, and we are truly blessed to be associated with such a strong advocate of human rights.

We cherish this relationship and the opportunity to work hand-in-hand to empower the women of Rajasthan and beyond."